When I go through racks of clothes in charity shops I am never quite sure what I might find. When I stumbled across these two fantastic kimonos I was surprised for a moment by such an unusual discovery. The misplacement of these beautiful garments with their square cut are so completely deferent from anything the western world designed; I must have them I thought.
Naomi Campbell for POP magazine, H&M shower curtain, kimono
Naomi Campbell for POP magazine, H&M shower curtain, kimono


Constable country.

Last weekend we went to Dedham to catch a glimpse of English sun and see iconic landscapes. Things haven’t changed since The Hay Wain except perhaps the wain itself; we didn't noticed anything like that in use, but the river, the trees, the clouds and even the farm animals are still around.
The cows in particular have fantastic patterns on their coats so much so that I photographed them instead of the iconic landscapes. 



When two people live together sometimes the most unexpected things get mixed up especially if these two people have opposite interests. Sometimes I find my husband’s car parts irresistible, and feverishly incorporate them into my work; some times he finds my clothes irresistible...!
Armani trousers from a charity shop and taillights belong to my husband. 

Calvin Klein dress from a charity shop and taillights belong to my husband. 


White McQueen & black boots.

Twice a year Alexander McQueen holds a sample sale at The Old Sessions House. Twice a year my friends and I stock up on some fab frocks but this year I decided to hold back and buy something sensible which is possible to find, even at McQueen. “You can’t go wrong with a white top,” I said to myself going through rows of bright pink leopard print. 


Flying dervishes and moustached ladies.

Sometimes you wonder why somebody wants to get rid of something as fabulous as this collection of dolls I stumbled across the other day during my regular inspection of local charity shops. I wouldn’t give them away, even for a very good cause. Their clothes are delicate and expressions dreamy. They certainly come from a different world where colours are sober and moustaches adorn every face.
Lost Shoe
Beauty and the Moustache

Big hand and Angel


Pants Song

When the weather is better in London some people go for a walk on a lunch break but some sunbathe on the banks of the river wearing practically nothing.
Performance near Tate Modern shot on iPhone


The Queen.

On the jubilee day I wanted to photograph all the things English to celebrate with the nation.  The tea, the biscuits and let's not forget the jelly! What would you nominate as quintessentially English?
I would say the rain. And it rains today. Hooray! As it rained on the Queen's wedding day and her coronation day 60 ears ago.