With all the rain falling on us dreaming about exotic holidays. Flamingo-pink sunsets and edible flowers would definitely be possible in a different part of the world, perhaps somewhere near Fiji.

By the time I’d made this post the beautiful Dries Van Noten dress was sold. Thank you all of my buyers.
Bird fascinator from J&B The Shop at Columbia Road market. Various rings found at car boot sale. 


London 23.04.2012 

Protesters outside Russian embassy in London showed their solidarity with arrested Tolokonnikova Hope, Mary and Catherine Alekhine Samusevich from "Pussy Riot".
(For those of you who don’t know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRu3r4xoSKo )
Я также присоединилась к протестующим несмотря на нелётную погоду.


In a romantic mood with all the flowers from the Columbia Road I’ve made this lovely couple. He’s definitely lost his head over her but she is undecided.  

Prada trousers and Vero Moda vest found in Oxfam charity shop. Carnations are from Columbia Road Market.
Jewelry case from a car boot sale and silk Halston Heritage blouse from a charity shop. Flowers and small green tomatoes are from Columbia Road Market. 


With an intense smell of spring in the air, Columbia Road Market celebrations
are in full bloom.The flower venders scream loudly, "last daffodils!" as if there is no future. I am joining the crowd in a quest of filling my house with flowers but the competition is fierce. I have to retreat with only 6 bouquets of different sorts and an extra two bunches of pink out of date carnations found abandoned on the pavement.


Last weekend we’ve tried for a third time to find Horsey Island. Third time wandering around the same area looking for something that is not on a map but it’s there, we’ve been told. Following the coast line from Walton-on-the-Naze straight to marshes and a muddy creek called Dardanelles. A history lesson springs to mind, was it in England though? Back and forth, inside and out, but still no luck; perhaps horsey was gone. 

Feeling dizzy and confused couldn’t help but pick the blue fishing net and some seashells, a pair of Oakley sunglasses in a pretty good condition considering what they’ve been through all from the seashore. A blouse form Mulberry, a bangle (brand unknown) both from an Oxfam charity shop and a face from a Tom Ford
press ad.

Fishing line and seashells from the same shore. Silk green skirt by Stella McCarthney and a bangle found in a Cancer Research shop. Vintage Margaret Rose trinket box found at a car-boot sale and again a face from a Tom Ford press ad.


Long Easter weekend thank God and I am going for lengthy walks along the beach, browsing through some car-boot sales and reading 'One On One' by Craig Brown. In some absurd way Cary Grant meets Elvis, Elvis says hello to Victoria Beckham but Victoria seams to ignore him.


Today I stumbled across this dancing number
She: a bolero jacket that looks like Chloé although the label is cut off, bag from Dents and multiple bracelets.
The day was beautiful and lunch brake was long enough to check a local Oxfam shop. Lucky me.

He (or she): Marc Jacobs trousers came from a charity shop, boss speakers our own, the hat was left unwonted by mother-in-law in a garden but I thought it could still have some fun and last but not least brand new Moroccan patent leather slippers. 


About the blog:

I started this blog on a sunny spring day; March 8th. It was a good day to start something new and I had a vague idea about what I wanted to say but, as you know, it takes a while to actually make that first post. After several weeks of silly Da-Da-Da words on my blog and nothing else I found that there were 75 visitors; surprisingly, no comments though. Hmmm, well I can’t let people down….

This blog is about my finds; fashionable finds to be exact. 
 I find things everywhere; on the street, in dusty lofts of old relations, in ever too small wardrobes of friends but most of all brilliant London charity shops.

Today’s finds are:

Prada blouse found in a charity shop, Linda Evangelista for Love magazine, Chanel S/S campaign print, safety razor and a compact case possibly from 60’s found in mother-in-law’s shed. 

Agent provocateur stockings, Chanel S/S campaign print, basil, H&M lip-gloss all hastily found in my flat in an attempt to put together a self-portrait.