About the blog:

I started this blog on a sunny spring day; March 8th. It was a good day to start something new and I had a vague idea about what I wanted to say but, as you know, it takes a while to actually make that first post. After several weeks of silly Da-Da-Da words on my blog and nothing else I found that there were 75 visitors; surprisingly, no comments though. Hmmm, well I can’t let people down….

This blog is about my finds; fashionable finds to be exact. 
 I find things everywhere; on the street, in dusty lofts of old relations, in ever too small wardrobes of friends but most of all brilliant London charity shops.

Today’s finds are:

Prada blouse found in a charity shop, Linda Evangelista for Love magazine, Chanel S/S campaign print, safety razor and a compact case possibly from 60’s found in mother-in-law’s shed. 

Agent provocateur stockings, Chanel S/S campaign print, basil, H&M lip-gloss all hastily found in my flat in an attempt to put together a self-portrait.


dreamjuly said...

Looks exactly like you.

Charity'Charity said...

:))) is it a compliment? Thank you

alablague said...

When I was a child we lived in the country and my father was a dentist in Godalming. Directly opposite his practice was a second-hand clothes shop called The White Elephant. It was owned by two brothers called General Ironside and Colonel Ironside. I'm not making this up. Mrs Colonel ran it. The only rule was that the clothes and the customers had to be strictly comme il faut. I got my first job in 1966 and I bought a suit there for £3. It was from the 1920s, a beautiful tailor-made double-breasted pinstripe suit, navy blue and heavy as an overcoat. It had been lovingly crated for someone no doubt already dead, but it fitted me perfectly. I wore it for years and when the trousers finally died I wore the jacket with jeans. The Ironsides died long ago and The White Elephant is now in the White Elephants' graveyard.