Last weekend we’ve tried for a third time to find Horsey Island. Third time wandering around the same area looking for something that is not on a map but it’s there, we’ve been told. Following the coast line from Walton-on-the-Naze straight to marshes and a muddy creek called Dardanelles. A history lesson springs to mind, was it in England though? Back and forth, inside and out, but still no luck; perhaps horsey was gone. 

Feeling dizzy and confused couldn’t help but pick the blue fishing net and some seashells, a pair of Oakley sunglasses in a pretty good condition considering what they’ve been through all from the seashore. A blouse form Mulberry, a bangle (brand unknown) both from an Oxfam charity shop and a face from a Tom Ford
press ad.

Fishing line and seashells from the same shore. Silk green skirt by Stella McCarthney and a bangle found in a Cancer Research shop. Vintage Margaret Rose trinket box found at a car-boot sale and again a face from a Tom Ford press ad.

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alablague said...

I have also always wanted to find Horsey Island. I think it's there. It's on Google Maps, and when Christina Hardyment was researching her book about Artghur Ransome she found not only Horsey Island but the Mastadon from Secret Water - now grown up of course.